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Athens Campus Map and Tour
viewing the athens campus on-line or in person
 Virtual Tour
The Virtual Tour shows you each building on the campus, including its current uses and history.
 Campus Visits
The Admissions Office coordinates campus visits, including guided tours.
 Buildings by Name
If you know the building's name, you can get to its page fastest by using this building index.
The Ohio University Inn provides a place to stay, for a week-end or a week. Includes links to listings farther from campus.
 Traffic Pattern Changes
Learn about temporary and permanent traffic pattern changes caused by construction and other projects on campus.
 Travel Directions
Route numbers and turns, illustrated by highway maps, for people driving to the Athens campus; links to public transportation information.
 Campus Map (0.3 MB)
The Campus Map leads you to enlarged maps of each part of the campus. Clicking on a building on an enlarged map jumps you to that building's page in the Virtual Tour.

Some printers may have difficulty printing the 0.8 MB high-resolution PDF version, but you can view it on-screen.

 Parking Map (0.3 MB)
The Parking Map leads you to enlarged maps of each part of the campus, showing the various parking lots, color-coded according to the restrictions on their use.

Some printers may have difficulty printing the 2013 0.6 MB high-resolution PDF version, or the 2013 1.0 MB high-resolution GIF version, but you can view either on-screen.

 Search the Athens Campus
The search box at the top right of the page searches the entire Ohio University Web presence. To search only the Athens Campus pages, click here and type to enter your search keywords:
 University Airport 
The University Airport is located about nine miles west of the Athens campus. The Airport is an uncontrolled facility, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a 5,600-foot-long runway.
 Regional Campus Maps 
This page provides links to maps of the regional campuses (and in several cases also to travel directions).
 Computer Desktop Photos 
Several photos of Ohio University campus scenes are available free, in various sizes, to use as "wallpaper" for your computer desktop.
 ADA Accessibility Maps
These maps are large PDF files providing information about accessibility for the Athens Campus, including parking, sidewalks, building entrances, and building interiors.

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