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Ohio University currently produces Class II Compost and Class IV Compost. The Class II compost facility is the largest known in-vessel composting system at any college or university in the nation. Food waste generated in the dining halls on campus is taken to this facility where it is processed into nutrient-rich soil amendment and then used on campus grounds and sold to the public.

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In 2009, Ohio University became the university with the largest in-vessel compost facility in the nation thanks, in great part, to a $350,000 grant from Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention within the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that allowed the institution to purchase a 2 ton in-vessel composting system from Wright Environmental Management Inc. (a Canadian company). The original system (Wright Environmental Management, Inc. WEMI-4000) that was installed in 2009 cost $355,370.00. However, the total start-up costs associated with the project were more than twice that, or about $800,000.00.

The facility was expanded in 2012 thanks to an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant in the amount of $1,088,571. The expansion included the addition of: a 4-ton expandable in-vessel system (WEMI-8000EX), enabling the university to compost 100% of its pre- and post-consumer dining waste.


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