Bryan Hall

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Photo of Bryan Hall, located on College Green

Building Type:
Residence Hall

Campus Green:
East Green

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Current Use

Bryan Hall is located in the College Green, coordinates I-4 on the campus map. It is marked as #12 on the map.

Bryan Hall, located near the College Green, is a residence hall. See the "Unique Features" section of the Residence Services Bryan Hall homepage for the latest details on the minimum GPA requirement for living in Bryan Hall.



Built in 1948 and dedicated in April 1949, the four-story building was originally used to house female students. Later it was made a co-ed residence hall with a family-like atmosphere. In 1984, it was closed for major repairs and renovations, again opening as a co-ed dorm.

Elmer Burritt Bryan

Bryan Hall was named in honor of Elmer Burritt Bryan, the eleventh president of Ohio University. He was educated at Indiana, Harvard, and Clark Universities. He taught elementary and high school before becoming a professor of Social and Economic Science and Psychology. In 1921, he became President of Ohio University and remained in that position until his death in 1934. During his years as president the University made its first major moves to gain national attention. He was nationally known as an educator, author, and lecturer.


34 University Terrace, Athens, OH 45701 (Directions)

The East Green

The East Green on Ohio University's Athens campus.

East Green is Ohio University's most convenient green for business, math and computer science majors due to its convenient location near Morton Hall and College Green. Notable buildings on this green include Jefferson Hall, Shively Hall, Gamertsfelder Hall and Perkins Hall.

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