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Pruitt Field, surrounded by Goldsberry Track, is located in the Athletic Mall, coordinates C-3 on the campus map, east of Shafer Street, south of the Central Food Service bulding and the Lausche Heating Plant, and west of Bob Wren Stadium. It is marked as #130 on the map.

Pruitt Field is currently used by the Lacrosse team and the Women's Field Hockey team. Goldsberry Track is used by the Track and Field teams (some of the field events are conducted across Shafer Street, adjacent to Chessa Field). The Marching 110 now use Pruitt Field for practices.


The location was previously used as a tennis court. Following the construction of Bob Wren Stadium, immediately to the East, and the covered tennis facility next to Ping Center, the practice field, with its artificial turf surface, was completed in 1999. Lights have been installed to permit use of the field by the Marching 110 for evening practice sessions.

The then-new all-weather track in Peden Stadium was named Goldsberry Track by decree of the Board of Trustees in January, 1976. The track was moved here when the football playing field was lowered and the seating capacity expanded in 2001.

Dr. Peggy Pruitt

Dr. Peggy Pruitt joined Ohio's staff in 1975 as coordinator of women's athletics and the head coach for both field hockey and tennis. Three years later, she was promoted to Associate Director of Athletics, a position she held until promoted to Senior Associate Director in 1993. She retired in 2001.

More information about Dr. Pruitt can be found online.

Dr. Blaine R. Goldsberry 

Dr. Goldsberry was physician to Ohio University athletic teams for 27 years, from 1923 - 1951, and was named to the Ohio University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1966. He graduated from Athens High School in 1911, having been a member of their first basketball team. He was an end on the 1913 Ohio University football team, and was the captain of Ohio University's 1913-14 basketball team. Dr. Goldsberry was the chief of staff of the Sheltering Arms Hospital in Athens for many years, and was active in planning its successor, O'Bleness Memorial Hospital. The radiological center at O'Bleness is named in his honor. He died at age 83, in August, 1976.


128 S. Shafer St., Athens, OH 45701 (Directions)

The South Green

The South Green on Ohio University's Athens campus.

South Green is composed of residence halls and a dining hall. Notable buildings on this green include Nelson Commons, Carr Hall, Sowle Hall and Brown Hall.

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