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Location and Current Use

Trisolini is located in the North Green, at coordinates H-3 on the campus map. It is marked as # 36 on the map.

Trisolini used to house the Art Gallery, which is now in Baker University Center. Trisolini houses the office of President Emeritus Charles J. Ping; the Charles J. Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities; and the office of the Cutler Scholars program.

History of Building

Built by James Bayard, the house was puchased by Ohio University from David H. and Stella Moore for $30,000 on June 29, 1927. Mr. Moore was a state senator from Athens and Trustee of Ohio University. The house was occupied by Presidents Bryan, James, and Baker. On April 20, 1974, it was dedicated to Anthony G. Trisolini.

Anthony G. Trisolini

Trisolini Gallery was named in honor of Anthony G. Trisolini, a faculty member at Ohio University for many years, chairman of the Department of Comparative Arts, and Dean of the College of Fine Arts. He was devoted to the arts and inspired others in both the practice and appreciation of the arts.

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