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Pilcher House

Location and Current Use

Pilcher House is located in the North Green, between coordinates G-3 and H-3 on the campus map. It is marked as # 15 on the map.

Pilcher House is currently offline, awaiting renovation.

History of Building

Built in the eighteen hundreds, it was used as a home, and has been leased to local businessmen for insurance and attorney offices.

In the 1970's the building housed the Ohio University Post newspaper and the Athenian OU yearbook offices. Later the yearbook's name was changed to the Spectrum Green, and it is now known as the Athena Yearbook.

In August, 1997, the Office of University Judiciaries that was previously located in Pilcher House relocated to the Beckley Building, 50 S. Court St.; in July, 2011, the offices of Curriculum Council and Faculty Senate moved to Alden Libraries; and in October, 2011, Legal Affairs' offices moved from Pilcher to Lindley (they have since moved to the West Union Street Office Center).

Thomas Murray Drake Pilcher

Pilcher House was named in honor of Thomas Murray Drake Pilcher. He was born in the Athens vicinity in 1832. He became a cabinet-maker apprentice at the age of 16. He was a Second Lieutenant and later Captain. He assisted in recruiting Company H, Seventy-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was associated with Mr. Herrold in a planing mill. After an extensive fire he built and ran his own factory.

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