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Brown House

Location and Current Use

Brown House is located in the College Green, between coordinates H-3 and I-3 on the campus map. It is marked as # 43 on the map.

Brown House is the home of the Contemporary History Institute. The two - story building has a computer lab, seminar lab, and administrative offices.

History of Building

Brown House, located at 2 University Terrace, was built in 1928. Purchased in 1964 by Ohio University, and was occupied by the Home Economics department when the university first acquired the property.

Mildred Francis Brown

Brown House is named in honor of Mildred Francis Brown, who, along with her husband Louis I. Brown was the former owner. She was reared in Athens, the daughter of William and Isabell F. Francis. Her grandfather, Thomas Francis, a pioneer of Athens, was the contractor for three of the oldest buildings on the Ohio University campus.

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