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Bike Path along the Hocking River

Location and Current Use

The bike path, known formally as the "Hockhocking Adena Bikeway," is located along the bank of the Hocking River as it runs past the Ohio University Athens campus. It is used for walking and roller-blading, in addition to biking. At several major highway and road crossings, the bike path goes under the bridge for the safety of its users, but with extensions up to the road on both sides, for easier access. In the area along the Ohio University campus, there are lights, as can be seen in the photo, above. Near the Convocation Center there are Japanese Cherry trees, given by Chubu University, next to the bike path. More information and photos of the bikeway are online here.

History of the Bike Path

The Bike Path originally extended from the Stimson Avenue bridge to the Ohio University athletic fields adjacent to O'Bleness Hospital, mostly along the top of the Hocking River flood-control levee. Since then it has been expanded incrementally, initially to the Athens City Recreation area on East State Street (including the Athens City Pool) and to the Athens City Ball Fields on West State Street. Since then, it has been further extended to the East beyond WalMart, mostly using the original Marietta and Cincinnati line (later B&O) bed, and to the Northwest, to Nelsonville, mostly using the Hocking Valley Railroad bed. It is now 19 miles long.

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