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Solomon Howard, D.D., LL.D., 1811-1873

Sixth President of Ohio University, 1852-1872

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Native of Ohio and educated at Miami University and Augusta College in southern Ohio, Solomon Howard came to the presidency at age 41 from the same position at the Springfield Female Academy of the Ohio Methodist Conference. He was a Methodist minister who had been active in the founding of Ohio Wesleyan University. With Howard's election domination of University affairs passed from the Presbyterians to the Methodists.

A scientific course of study for those interested in teaching or business pursuits was added to the curriculum in 1853. That same year the Southeast Ohio Teachers' Institute was established by the University and Marietta College, and the Trustees again attempted to realize medical and law schools. The following year the indigent students program was made obligatory by the General Assembly and Athens voted to outlaw the sale of liquor. In 1856 students and visitors to the University could come by railroad for the first time. The following year a doctor of letters degree was awarded to Thomas Ewing. In 1858 the University was free of debt. The Southeastern Normal Institute (teacher training) was founded, formalizing the summer classes begun in 1853. The Civil War brought a severe decline in students even though the Trustees acted to accept wounded veterans tuition-free in 1863. In 1867 the University became a member of the Ohio College Association. A female (Margaret Boyd) entered the University for the first time in 1870. She and other women were accepted through Trustee action the following year.

Death followed by a year Dr. Howard's retirement to San Jose, California, which had been prompted by ill health.

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