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Tennis Facilities

Location and Current Use

The Tennis Facilities are located East of Ping Recreation Center, across South Green Drive from the Wolfe Street Apartments, on the North bank of the Hocking River. They are between coordinates H-7 and I-7 on the campus map, and are marked as # 91 and number # 144 on the map. The tennis facilities are used by students and employees for recreational purposes.

The open tennis courts and the pro shop are between the covered tennis courts and the Ping Center. The photo above shows the open tennis courts in the foreground, and the pro-shop and covered courts in the background.

History of the Open Tennis Courts

The current open tennis courts are across South Green Drive from one of the former tennis courts, a location that is now a parking lot. Other open tennis courts were located farther west, along Schafer Street, on land that is now the Pruitt Field.

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