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Phi Beta Kappa Clock

Location and Current Use

The Phi Beta Kappa clock is located at the South end of Court Street, outside of Baker University Center. The side toward Baker is inscribed, "Phi Beta Kappa Lambda of Ohio 1929," and the side away from Baker, illustrated above, is inscribed, "The Love of Wisdom is the Guide of Life."

History of the Clock

The clock was donated by the Ohio University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa is the country's oldest academic honor society, and the local chapter celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2006-07.

"We said, 'We would like to do something for this campus that would honor academic achievement and be useful on campus,'" says Mark Lucas, Associate Professor of Physics and President of the chapter. "Phi Beta Kappa emphasizes a strong liberal arts education. Its members are committed to the belief that a broad education is very important for our students."

The clock was purchased through the support of more than 180 members of Phi Beta Kappa, with a significant contribution from the family of Evelyn Underwood Holden, who was inducted into the Ohio University chapter in 1931.

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