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Alfred Ryors, D.D., 1812-1858

Fifth President of Ohio University, 1848-1852

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Native of Pennsylvania and educated at Jefferson College, Dr. Ryors came to the presidency at age 36 from a professorship at Indiana University. He had been professor of mathematics at The Ohio University under presidents Wilson and McGuffey. He then took the same position at Indiana University from 1843 through 1848. Ryors returned and assumed the presidency after financial conditions had forced a suspension of college activities for three years while the Academy continued. He succeeded in reducing indebtedness and restoring confidence in the institution's future.

The first general meeting of alumni was held in connection with commencement in 1849. In early 1850 a student attempted to set fire to Cutler Hall; he was expelled the following year. Also in 1850, a scholarship selling scheme was initiated and the first class was graduated since the University had closed five years before.

Upon his retirement Dr. Ryors returned to Indiana to serve in the ministry and to become president of Indiana University and later Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

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