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Former Presidents of Ohio University

The former Presidents of Ohio University are listed below in chronological order. Biographical information (and portraits, if those are available) can be found by following the link for each President.

Ohio University Front DoorPresident's Office

  1. Jacob Lindley

  2. James Irvine

  3. Robert G. Wilson

  4. William Holmes McGuffey

  5. Alfred Ryors

  6. Solomon Howard

  7. William Henry Scott

  8. Charles William Super

  9. Isaac Crook

  10. Alston Ellis

  11. Elmer Burritt Bryan

  12. Herman Gerlach James

  13. Walter Sylvester Gamertsfelder

  14. John Calhoun Baker

  15. Vernon Roger Alden

  16. Claude R. Sowle

  17. Harry B. Crewson

  18. Charles J. Ping

  19. Robert Glidden

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