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Wolfe Garden

Location and Current Use

Wolfe Garden is located in the College Green, between Alden Library and Cutler Hall, near coordinates H-4 on the campus map. It provides a quiet area for relaxation and contemplation.


"The American Woman," shown in the photo, above, is a bronze sculpture by David L. Hostetler, class of 1949, located at the entrance closest to Ellis Hall. The sculpture was a gift from the artist and Jeanette Grasselli, class of 1950. The plaque at the base includes the quote, "Art is Long and Life is Brief." In 1989, this piece was the first sculpture added to the campus since 1865. Hostetler was a member of the Sculpture faculty in the School of Art.

The low stone wall around the garden defines a shape approximating that of the state of Ohio. On the side toward Wilson Hall is a plaque inscribed:

"Let us hope, that we who are privileged to be part of a long illustrious line, may have an abiding interest in the things of the mind, the pursuit of truth, the contemplation of beauty, and the attainment of the good life." -- Thomas J. Wolfe, Class of 1919.

On the side toward Scripps Hall is a plaque inscribed:

"The most precious resources of life are books, friends, nature. The greatest of these is nature, an inexhaustible storehouse which moved the heart, appeals to the mind, give health to the body and joy to the soul." -- John Burroughs.


As noted above, Thomas J. Wolfe was a member of the Ohio University class of 1919.

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