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Former Anderson Laboratory

Location and Current Use

Anderson Laboratory was located in the West Green, at coordinates F-4 on the campus map, between Porter Hall and the Richland Avenue bridge over the old Hocking River riverbed. It was marked as # 77 on the map.

Anderson Laboratory was used for Psychology experiments and various research projects.

History of the Building

Anderson laboratory was constructed in 1973 and demolished in 2008. Built on a sloping site, it had several levels.

Amos Anderson

Anderson Laboratory was named in honor of Amos Anderson. He was educated at Edinboro, PA State Normal School, University of Michigan and Yale University. He served on the faculty of Ohio University for over 42 years, including ten years as Chairman of the Psychology department. He specialized in learning and discrimination with animals. He focused on applications of Psychology to business and industry. He was a lecturer, serving on various University Committees, participated in training programs for several industries and colleges. He was President of the Ohio Psychology Association, Chairman of the Board of Examiners and Vice President of Ohio Academy of Science.

The Ohio University Chapter of Psi Chi honored Dr. Anderson by selecting him to be their Distinguished Lecturer in 1965. On that occasion, he presented his review of the early history of the Department of Psychology at Ohio University, "In Minor Key."

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