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A student plays the piano.
Bachelor’s Degree in Music

A Bachelor’s Degree in Music at OHIO To Master Musicianship

For many, music is magical. It’s an art form that speaks to the soul, a language of its own and a means of medical intervention, depending on how it’s used! If you have musical talent and want to use it in your professional future, a bachelor’s degree in music from Ohio University is a perfect pick.

As a music major, you’ll receive not just comprehensive musical training in your instrument of choice or voice, but also a well-rounded education that covers topics such as music theory, applications and history. From beginning to end, OHIO’s undergraduate music degrees provide exciting and enriching experiences for students just like you. Keep reading to learn about:

Choose What You Want To Learn

  • B.M. in Music Composition

    The Bachelor of Music in Music Composition is the perfect choice for future composers and songwriters, offering students deep educational value and multiple opportunities to hear their music read, performed, and recorded by the Ohio University School of Music.

  • B.M. in Music Education

    The Bachelor of Music in Music Education prepares you to teach music to grades K-12 in 47 states, including Ohio. Students can choose to receive intensive training on a chosen instrument or their voice, as well as emphasize their degree in choral or instrumental music.

  • B.M. in Music Therapy

    The Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy is one of the oldest music therapy programs in the U.S. The music therapist degree program trains students to improve and/or restore the cognitive, emotional or physical functioning of disabled individuals. All students participate in six semesters of pre-internship clinical experiences.

  • B.M. in Performance

    OHIO’s Bachelor of Music in Performance is an applied study degree — students can choose to focus their education in performance areas like brass, organ, voice, keyboard and more. It’s an ideal choice for future professional musicians.

  • B.A. in Music

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a broader degree for skilled musicians who want to study a well-rounded list of topics ranging from music history to music theory and more. It leads to a plethora of career opportunities and graduate school programs in music, medicine, business or law.

  • Music Minors

    The music minor is offered to students who wish to continue studying music while pursuing a different major. The degree includes studies in music theory, history & literature, and ensemble performance with the opportunity to choose music electives that allow each student to customize their course of study.

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    The core music undergraduate experience takes place at Ohio University’s residential campus in Athens. It’s a welcoming, fully staffed University with ample amenities and access to local Athens downtown attractions, as well as nearby outdoor experiences.

    Athens Campus

  • Regional Campuses

    Certain OHIO music undergraduate courses are available at regional campuses. While you can’t complete a full bachelor’s degree in music at any of these regional locations, you can begin or continue your education for a semester or two closer to home if it suits your schedule or personal needs.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

Careers in Music

An undergraduate degree in music opens up a wide range of different career possibilities for your future! 

For example, our B.M. in Music Therapy is an exceptional choice if you want to work in medical hospitals, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes and other locations to help cognitively impaired people recover their abilities or manage disabilities. You’ll use the music-based experiences you learn at OHIO to address different patients’ needs, contributing greatly to their wellness.

Other bachelor’s degrees in music may lead to alternative professional pathways. These include:

  • Music composer
  • Symphony conductor
  • Arranger
  • Accompanist
  • Band director
  • Music teacher
  • Arts administrator (such as for a concert venue or music facility)
  • Artistic director
  • DJ
  • Freelance musician
  • Film scorer

In addition to these music careers and opportunities, our Bachelor of Arts in Music program is a well-rounded offering and a true liberal arts degree. Therefore, it prepares you for career flexibility in law, business and other sectors. After completing this degree, you can attend graduate school for your major of interest.

Post-Grad Opportunities for Music Majors

After graduation, many OHIO music majors immediately proceed into the workplace. Thanks to internship opportunities and work experiences during their programs, OHIO graduates frequently leave college with one or more jobs lined up.

However, other graduates proceed to graduate school. Ohio University offers master’s degrees in music, such as music performance and pedagogy, conducting and music history, including continuing majors in topics like music therapy and education.

Marching 110

Many music students at Ohio University are eager to join Marching 110, our 245-number marching band with a unique marching style and visually dazzling dance routines. Join this program, and you’ll perform at major events in the U.S. and beyond, like NFL halftime shows, which offer unforgettable experiences and opportunities to showcase your music skills in front of massive audiences!


The Marching 110 plays during half time.
  • Honors Tutorial College Music Major

    Exceptional scholar-musicians may apply to the Honors Tutorial College music program. In this program, you’ll receive dedicated faculty lessons one-on-one and have opportunities to join new musical ensembles. It offers a comprehensive educational experience and serves as a rigorous preparation for a successful career in music, wherever your future may take you.

Get Hands-On Experience With Your Music Degree

The only way to master music is to perform! That’s why OHIO music students participate in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including performing in one or several different musical ensembles.

  • Ensembles

    OHIO students join ensemble groups based on their instruments and academic focuses, including symphonies, campus orchestras, jazz ensembles and more.

  • Performing Arts Series

    The OHIO Performing Arts Series includes staged concerts and entertainment events at the local Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium; students can attend and sometimes participate.

  • Live Music Events

    Music students often perform at concerts and symphony performances for fellow students and the broader Athens community.

  • Music Internships

    OHIO’s staff and success advisors help music majors find internships to bolster their resumes by working with local music groups and businesses.

  • Music Therapy Practical Experiences

    Music therapy students must complete on-campus music therapy clinical experiences, plus attend off-campus clinical training at 30 partnered training practicum sites.

Why Choose a Music Degree?

Why choose a music degree? No matter where you live or what you do, music matters. It’s a powerful cultural force that can inspire emotion like no other art form. At OHIO, we believe those with the talent to create, teach or use music can improve the world and contribute to their culture in a variety of different ways.

You might consider choosing a bachelor’s degree in music from Ohio University if you want to enrich the world around you or bring joy to others. Music can also be an effective and enjoyable means to express yourself. Attending one of these degree programs empowers you to connect with your inner feelings and share them with others in what may be the most universally recognized language.

Student Support Resources for Music Majors

Ohio University’s music majors always find themselves supported from day one of their journeys. Specific and university-wide resources are always available, such as the Clinic for Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe Clinic), which is accessible to music students and faculty members without charge.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the 32 full-time faculty members at the School of Music are experienced and dedicated to your success. They’re residential teachers — so they’re always available if you need assistance — and can direct you to further means to maximize your musical potential, like the specialized Music and Dance Library.

Don’t forget scholarships, including talent-based scholarships for new music majors. All in all, OHIO music students find ways to thrive within our undergraduate programs.

The OHIO Experience for Music Majors

The School of Music at Ohio University is among the top 20 percent of music education institutions in the U.S. When you attend one of these undergraduate programs, you’ll have an academically satisfying and spiritually invigorating experience thanks to the quality of our educational offerings and the support of our teachers.

Unlike other music degree programs, you’ll start learning applicable, music-related skills and putting them into practice from your first year instead of your junior year. By the time you graduate, you’ll feel confident and well-equipped to surprise and delight listeners, whether those happen to be music therapy patients, concert audience attendees or future medical students!