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School of Theater Undergraduate Admissions

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Each program has its own variation of requirements, documents, and information that is important to your application process. Find all the resources you might need below. If you’re ready to apply, visit the university’s application page.


1. Apply online at www.ohio.edu/apply

2. Pay your application fee.

3. Have your transcript(s) officially sent.

4. Request that your ACT and/or SAT scroes be sent, if applicable.

5. Check your status online!

Undergraduate Requirements.

There are two options for undergraduate application and acceptance:

Option 1)
Apply directly to the B.F.A. program of your choice:

Performance - Acting or Performance - Musical Theater  (Major Code BF5161)

Production Design and Technology [Major Code BF5162]

Stage Management [Major Code BF5168]

Playwriting [Major Code BF5158] 

Applying directly requires a two-part process. First complete a successful audition or interview for your degree program of choice. Second, complete an application to be admitted to OHIO University.


Option 2)
Apply as General Theater B.A. [Major Code BA5194] candidate which allows broader study and a greater possibility of double majoring. Toward the end of the first year, B.A. students may choose to continue the broader B.A. program or may apply for acceptance into the B.F.A. programs.

Transfer Student Requirements

If you’re transferring from another institution, you must enroll as a general art major and complete the required Foundations program and studio courses, or equivalent courses. 

How to Apply as Transfer Student

Financial Aid and Scholarships

High school seniors and any level of undergraduate students are eligible for talent-based awards. Find out more here.

The path to your future begins here.

Apply at ohio.edu/apply