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  • B.A. in General Theater

    The B.A. in Theater is intended to serve students who want both a theater major and a broad liberal arts foundation. This degree program is tailored to students with varied talents and interests who will benefit from the rigorous artistic demands made by specialized courses in the School of Theater, while also meeting the challenges of a liberal arts education.

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  • B.F.A. in Performance: Acting and Musical Theater (2 tracks)

    The B.F.A. in Theater Performance is a rigorous program fostering creative, cognitive, and artistic skills. It is intended to advance the education and training of motivated, curious, self-reliant, adaptable theater artists.

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  • B.F.A. Production Design and Technology

    The B.F.A. in Production Design and Technology allows students to study broadly in all areas of design and production or specialize in design of scenery, costumes, lighting, and sound. Technology specialization includes technical direction, costume technology or props technology (artisanship).

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  • B.F.A. Stage Management

    The B.F.A. in Stage Management prepares students for entry into the professional theater as stage managers. Stage Management requires knowledge of all aspects of production, a foundation in theater history and a range of interpersonal skills. The BFA in Stage Management at Ohio University is a combination of academics and practical application, with mentorship alongside theater professionals.

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  • B.F.A. Playwriting

    The B.F.A. in Playwriting is an intensive introduction to the art of dramatic writing for the stage. This program focuses on playwriting through the study of dramatic structure, its relationship to literature, and how the spoken word functions on the stage and in performance.

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  • Graduate Theater Degrees

    Empowerment through art and the pursuit of originality. Both our degree options will help you create a foundation necessary to build a career in theater and advanced graduate studies.

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    College of Fine Arts’ Schools of Music and Theater add three world-class musical theater professionals to their ranks 

    September 16, 2020

    The new normal of meeting virtually has allowed both schools to broaden their hiring search for vocal instructors and, as a result, have welcomed world-class Broadway actors-vocalists to their ranks.

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    Tantrum’s “Stories of COVID” bring a voice to Athens’ African American community

    August 21, 2020

    Throughout the summer, Tantrum Theater, Ohio University’s professional theater company, in partnership with the Racial Equity Coalition of the Athens Foundation, produced a series of short-form audio interviews with members of Athens’ African American community, bringing their voices and stories

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    OHIO’s Tantrum Theater presents Stories of COVID-19 in Athens County Ohio

    July 10, 2020

    Tantrum Theater, Ohio University’s professional theater company, will present a series of interviews that feature the voices and stories of African American community members in Athens County, broadcasted on WOUB stations starting July 9.

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    Recent Peggy Ezekiel award-winners recognized

    June 6, 2020

    Each autumn, second and third-year master’s degree candidates in the School of Theater put the finishing touches on their portfolios and submit them to the Peggy Ezekiel Awards program

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