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Schedule Your Recital

Recital Scheduling for Spring 2024

We continue to utilize “Priority Scheduling” for all student recitals.

Recitals may be scheduled by the students beginning on the following dates, respectively.

Beginning Monday, December 4th
Graduate Student Degree Recitals

Beginning Friday, December 8th
Undergraduate Senior Degree Recitals

Beginning Wednesday, December 13th
Undergraduate Junior Degree Recitals

Beginning Monday, January 8th
All Non-Degree Recitals

No recitals will be scheduled without completion of a completed recital request form, without approval from both the applied professor, and the collaborative pianist. The approval forms will be emailed directly to them at the completion of the recital request form. Please se instructions below. 

All STUDENT Recitals* will be scheduled for EVEN hours at two-hour intervals.

  • Monday-Friday, 6 PM and 8 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday, 12 Noon, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM

*Faculty/VA Recitals and Major Ensemble Concerts will begin at 8:00 pm in the Fall during the weekdays. Weekend events will continue to be on even hours (12/2/4/6/8).

To Schedule Your Recital

View current Event Schedule.

Step 1: Communicate with your collaborative pianist (if applicable) and applied teacher and select three (3) potential Student Recital dates/times. Failure to secure proper permissions from collaborative pianists and/or applied faculty regarding dates may result in forfeiture of you date(s) and placed at the bottom of the queue for scheduling.  

Step 2: Complete the Student Recital Request Form. You will receive a confirmation of date/time based on priority scheduling, requests and availability. In the event your collaborative pianist (if applicable) or applied faculty indicate you did not clear the assigned date, you may forfeit your date(s) and placed at the bottom of the queue for scheduling. 

Step 3: Schedule a recital hearing, to be completed at least 14 days prior to your scheduled recital date. The recital hall should be scheduled by your applied faculty member for the hearing.

Step 4: Complete the Student Hearing/Stage Set-up Form prior to your hearing.

Step 5: After a successful hearing, complete the Final Recital Form. This form includes uploading Recital Hearing Permission Form, Recital Fee Payment (detailed in form), Recital Program, and Recital Poster. This Final Recital Form and all required elements should be completed and submitted at least 10 days before your recital date.