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Theater Facilities

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Baker Theater

The Baker Theater is located in Kantner Hall, our primary facility. It seats 265 and is a fully equipped, standard proscenium theater. It has a stage house with 33 linsets, a large inventory of conventional and LED lighting equipment and separate sound and communications systems.

Forum Theater

The Forum Theater is located in the RTV building next door to Kantner Hall (and connected by a bridge). It is a slightly larger venue, seating 275. While it is primarily used as a 3/4 thrust stage, it can also be converted to an arena stage. It also has a large inventory of conventional lighting equipment and sound and communications systems that are comparable to those in Baker.

Both main stage theaters share a substantial inventory of LED fixtures, including Chroma-Q 12s, ETC Series II LEDs, High End Systems Solaframe 750 moving lights, and Rosco I-Cues, as well as other miscellaneous effects equipment. Communications include 3 modern Clear-Com base stations and a Clear-Com wireless base station for run crew.

Hahne Theater

The Hahne Theater is our primary black box theater, seating about 50. This space features an ETC Element lighting console connected via MIDI to a PreSonus 16.4.2 digital sound mixer and Lab 4. The house sound system is a 6.1 surround, with a sub-woofer and 4 additional channels of amplifier for practical speakers. The space also features a modular Uni-Strut perimeter catwalk for creative flexibility. We have two other back box theaters' one in Kantner Hall and another in Putnam Hall.

Putnam 227

This space is our newest lab space, newly outfitted with all digital LED lighting equipment including an ETC Element lighting console, ETC ColorSource Spot units, RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom units and GLP Impression X4 S moving lights. The space seats about 40 people.

The Shops

Costume Shop

Our facilities are comprised of classrooms and a costume studio in Kantner Hall. Adjoining the costume studio is a craft shop, dye room and laundry facility. The spaces are fully-equipped with industrial and domestic sewing machines and sergers, as well as specialized industrial machines for leather and crafter work. The dye room includes a 40 gallon dye vat and ventilation hood. We have three dressing spaces that serve as fitting rooms and accommodate non-binary performers.

Scene Shop

The scene shop is located in Kantner Hall and is comprised of a woodshop, and a welding and metal fabrication shop that enables projects involving oxy-fuel cutting, bending and brazing as well as plasma cutting, SMAW, MIG, and TIG welding. There is also a paint shop with direct access to the Baker Stage and a supplemental paint area is in the Athena Cinema building next door. A CNC router is available for our use when we need it.

Props Shop

Our primary properties shop is in Kantner Hall and well supplied with tools that include a state of the art Saw Stop table saw, a Laguna 115" band-saw, a 14" Original Saw radial arm saw, a drill press, upright sander, large capacity lathe, power miter box, and a portable dust collection system. The shop is permanently piped for pneumatics and supplied with a large array of air powered fasteners. We have all the hand tools and equipment to build furniture and a floor to ceiling ventilation hoods for working with toxic materials. There is also a welding area with a MIG welder, plasma cutter, oxygen acetylene rig, metal cutting saw, large Baldor bench grinder plus multiple hand power tools for metal shaping in addition to tools for foam cutting and vacuforming. By the fall of 2019, we will have a large clean room directly behind the shop for layout, upholstery and other craft work.

Sound Shop

Our Sound shop features Pro-Tools 9 and a Digidesign Control 24 console. We utilize Lab 4, WatchOut, Isadora, MAX MSP, and several other software platforms. We have three Panasonic laser projectors and 4 pic-projectors for model work in addition to multiple digital recording devices, an array of microphones, and MIDI controllers.