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Graduate Requirements


The School of Music offers an impressive array of graduate music degree programs designed to meet the professional career interests of students. All students who seek admission to Ohio University with a major in Music must audition. The audition is for both admission and talent-based scholarship decisions.

Ohio University School of Music Audition and Faculty Interaction Dates

  • Saturday, January 27, 2024
  • Saturday, February 10, 2024
  • Saturday, February 17, 2024
  • Monday, February 19, 2024

Live auditions will occur in front of the appropriate instrumental or vocal faculty. Additional information sessions, current student interactions, music building tours and a noontime luncheon will also be offered. 

While we prefer students take an in-person audition, we are happy to accommodate virtual or video auditions for those for whom travel and/or other extenuating circumstances prevent an in-person audition. 

In the event an in-person audition is not possible, a virtual or video audition can be arranged by contacting 

Students should also reach out to the School of Music’s applied faculty member, both to confirm audition date and audition repertoire. 

Contact your performance area faculty.

See Dr. Sean Parsons' tips for making a quality video/audio recording below.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your audition!


Financial Aid and Scholarships

We provide several options for students seeking talent-based scholarships, as well as opportunities for first-year and transfer students seeking funding for specific programs. Explore these details on the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

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Curious about your program options or what career opportunities will be available? See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. 


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Commitment to non-discrimination

Ohio University operates on a holistic, selective review and looks for evidence of academic preparation when reviewing applications for admission. Additionally, because the School of Music considers artistic talent in the review process, students pursuing certain academic programs must audition, interview, and/or submit additional materials for admission and scholarship consideration. Ohio University and the School of Music do not discriminate against any applicants because of race, color, religion, age, national origin, ethnicity, national ancestry, sex, pregnancy, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, military service or veteran status, mental or physical disability, or genetic information.