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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the student to faculty ratio?

Approximately 13:1

How many students are in the School of Art + Design?

There are under 400 total students in the School of Art + Design.

How many students are in studio classes?

There are no more than 20 students in studio classes, and most studio courses are capped at 15.

Do students directly enter into one of the B.F.A .studio majors?

Upon a successful portfolio review, students may directly enter into any undergraduate B.F.A. major. Students who do not pass a portfolio review or who do not wish to submit a portfolio may enter as a B.A. in either studio art or art history.

When do students apply for the B.F.A. studio program?

Students may directly enter any B.F.A. major.

Are there advisors in the School of Art + Design?

Yes, every art and art history major has an advisor.

How do I apply for scholarships?

Incoming, first-year students can apply for talent-based scholarships by submitting a portfolio for consideration. More information can be found at our Scholarship Application page

Are there additional scholarships opportunities after the first year?

Yes, each spring students are encouraged to apply by portfolio review for Continuing Student scholarships.

Are internships required?

Internships are only required in the Interior Architecture major, however, most students in our school complete at least one internship.

Does the School of Art + Design arrange internships?

No, the School of Art + Design does not arrange internships. Faculty will help students secure internships, but, students must take initial responsibility.

Why are the Foundations courses named differently than other schools?

All of the School of Art + Design Foundations courses are interdisciplinary. There will be some drawing, design, 2-D, 3-D, and digital content in the courses.

Do graduate students teach first-year classes for majors?

Our Foundations program is primarily taught by full-time faculty. If a graduate student needs to step into a Foundations class, they are heavily vetted beforehand to assure consistent quality in the program.

Where are art major classes held?

Currently, all classes are held in Seigfred Hall with exception to Interior Architecture studio courses which are in Grover Center.

Do students have access to studio spaces outside of class?

Yes, Seigfred Hall is open to our major students 24/7 with only a few exceptions. Students have card swipe access for entrance after normal business hours.

Can I take studio courses outside of my program focus?

Students are able and encouraged to take various studio courses that are outside of their program’s focus.

What career paths are undergraduate School of Art + Design students pursuing?

Each student is unique as are their individual career path and goals. Many students pursue graduate school, others will be practicing artists in their desired medium, and some will work for companies, museums or galleries.

If I transfer to the B.A. Studio Art major after my 1st year of classes in another department, can I still graduate in 4 years? What would my schedule be like?

It may be possible to graduate in four years depending on which courses had already been taken; however, each student’s situation would need to be reviewed. Students can run a “What-If” DARS to see which courses would still need to be taken if there is a change in major.