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Masters of Music Degree Program

What You'll Learn

The Master of Music degree in Performance is designed to prepare graduate students, both technically and intellectually, for professional careers as performers or as artist-teachers; for studio and school music teachers who wish to pursue this curriculum as a terminal degree; and for those who wish to use the degree as a foundation for a doctoral study.

For additional information, please visit your respective instrumental area:

Applying to the Program

Click here for School of Music Graduate Requirements

Performance Faculty

If you'd like more information about the performance program, reach out to:

Professor John Schlabach - Brass, schlabac@ohio.edu
Jose Rocha - Strings, rocha@ohio.edu
Dr. Rebecca Rischin - Woodwinds, rischin@ohio.edu
Professor Roger Braun - Percussion, braunr@ohio.edu
Professor Debra Rentz - Voice, rentz@ohio.edu
Dr. Christopher Fisher - Keyboard, fisherc@ohio.edu or

Dr. Emely Phelps - Keyboard, emely.phelps@ohio.edu