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School of Interdisciplinary Arts
A unique community for scholars and artists

School of Interdisciplinary Arts

The School of Interdisciplinary Arts offers opportunities for custom degree programs. Our students can work with advisors in multiple schools within the College of Fine Arts (music, dance, theater, film, art and design) to create a one-of-a-kind experience that crosses traditional disciplines into a supportive community of artist scholars. Students with diverse artistic backgrounds who have the vision to create their own path can do so collaboratively alongside faculty artists and peers.

Explore Our Programs

  • Scholar Track (Ph.D.)

    In the dynamic contemporary world, as the boundaries among the arts become increasingly permeable, we recognize the methodological importance of multidisciplinary scholarship to facilitate our critical understanding of the arts.

    Ph.D. Scholar Track
  • Scholar/Artist Track (Ph.D.)

    For students who wish to combine scholarly study with artistic work at the Ph.D. level, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts provides the Scholar/Artist track. Choose from areas like film studies/comparative literature, theater/performance studies, art and architectural history, and more.

    Unique Scholar/Artist Tack
  • Undergraduate Studies

    Our bachelor’s degree engages undergraduates in the interdisciplinary study of the arts through general education courses. Interdisciplinary Arts plays a vital role in promoting the arts in the university, the larger community and the region.

    B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts
  • What is Interdisciplinarity?

    The topic of Interdisciplinary Arts as defined by faculty in our program, from historians to performers, musicologists to theater scholars, each brings a unique perspective to the understanding of the interdisciplinary research community.

    What Do We Mean By Interdisciplinary?
  • Admission Requirements

    No matter where you are on your journey, you’ll find all the resources you need to understand our program and aid in your application process.

    Admission Requirements

Visiting Artists & Scholars

From professional actors to international musicians to award-winning filmmakers, our visiting artists and scholars offer collaborative, hands-on experiences for our students.

Recent Visiting Artists & Scholars

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