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Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program

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Interdisciplinary Arts B.F.A.

Beginning in Fall of 2020, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts is excited to offer a new undergraduate degree of study.

A joint effort within the schools and divisions of the College of Fine Arts, the Interdisciplinary Arts B.F.A. is distinguished by its collaborative mission and curriculum. Students in the program will work with advisors in 2 or more schools, which will provide not only substantial areas of concentration but, when combined, a unique degree path. 

A program advisor within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts will coordinate and approve appropriate curricular plans for each student pursuing the degree. Total credit hours will be 120. Students with diverse artistic backgrounds who have the vision to create their own path with the guidance of the faculty in a collaborative environment will find a supportive community of artist scholars to help develop the intellectual skills requiring multiple disciplines, the of use of creative imagination, and combining different perspectives in the examination of a specific topic. 

Interdisciplinary Arts offers undergraduate courses to obtain a minor in Interdisciplinary Arts, as well as to complete Tier II, Tier III, or elective requirements.

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