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Facilities and Resources

Main office

The main School of Film facility is located in the center of uptown Athens at 31 S. Court Street. The facility features a state-of-the-art 43-seat Screening Room with 4K projection, the Peterson Sound Studio with all the tools necessary for professional audio post-production, post-production facilities with individual editing suites available to students 24/7, three classrooms, a student lounge, and faculty offices. 

Peterson Sound Studio

Our studio affords students a full range of support from set to post-production. One of the many unique features within the School of Film is the capacity for students to mix their own projects in this state-of-the-art studio. The Peterson Sound Studio is a recording studio for professional-grade film, video, and music production. Donated to the School of Dance, Film, and Theater: Film Division by Thomas F. Peterson Jr., this studio has produced sound for numerous student and professional films.

The Peterson Sound Studio also boasts an impressive production history. Among its many credits, our Sound booth was used to mix dialogue for the wedding scene in Michael Cimino’s Oscar-winning classic, The Deer Hunter. The booth has also been used to mix sound for National Geographic and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Lauded experimental filmmaker Richard Myers has also mixed sound for many of his projects in the Peterson Sound Studio.

Features and capabilities:

Dialogue replacement, sound effects, mixing and recording, and more.

Pro-tools TDM system for digital audio mixing for film and video
Digidesign 24/ Control unit
Video Projection for Foley and ADR recording
Soundproof booth for dialogue replacement
Analogue and digital processor for 16mm or 35mm analogue mixes
Wheatstone analog 24 input console
16mm magnetic recorder and reproducer's
14 track 35mm recorder-reproducer
35mm and 16mm Projectors

Plus: Wireless microphones, Fostex FR-2 flash card recorders, Tascam DAT recorders, Nargra 4.2 tape recorder, the studio also has provisions to make audio transfers from an optical film, tape, videotape, and long-play discs. 

Equipment Room

Located on the ground floor of the Central Classroom building on Union Street, the nerve center of School of Film production is the Equipment Room, our check-out facility featuring over a thousand items of production equipment.  RED Scarlet, Sony EX3, Canon C100, and 16mm camera packages; doorway and Dana dollies; HMI, LED, and tungsten lighting;  extensive grip, electric, and sound gear - all can be found in this student-run facility.  A covered loading dock makes packing gear a breeze even in bad weather.

Workshop/ Production Studio

In the Film Division, we believe that the only way to make students into good editors is to give them as much access to the practice as possible. There is rarely a time when a student cannot access an editing suite.  Our post-production wing is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We sincerely believe in our students leaving with an MFA encompassing the practical skills vital to surviving and thriving in the real world as well as focusing on the creative process as artists.

Caption: Editing Facilities bridge the gap between analog and digital media, and available to students 24 hours a day.

Students in the Film Division will learn to master the Avid Media Composer as they complete their individual projects.  We train and support students in the Avid editing environment because it is one of the most widely used editing systems in the professional film world. Final Cut Pro training and support is also widely available through the University.

The Editing Wing features:

Avid Media Composer Soft with Mojo SDI
Avid Media Composer Soft offline system
Avid Media Composer 9000
2 Media Composer offline systems
2 Digital Editing Teaching Labs
15 Avid Xpress Pro nonlinear editing bays
12 ProTools LE systems
4 Sony DSR-11 DV decks
2 Sony UVW 1800 Beta SP decks
Panasonic AJ-D455 DVC Pro deck
Panasonic DS555 SVHS deck
Panasonic DS850 SVHS deck