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Graduate Programs

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The M.F.A. in Film  program is a professional three-year program of study for talented individuals seeking advanced training in directing, screenwriting, producing, cinematography, editing and motion picture sound with a solid background in film history, theory, and criticism. The M.F.A. is a terminal degree and is designed for students who wish to work as independent film artists, enter the film industry, or teach at the college or university level.

The M.A. in Film Studies is a two-year program in film history, analysis, and theory designed to prepare students for further study at the doctoral level or for careers in which a film studies background may be relevant, including film criticism; arts-related writing fields; administration of arts, museum, or academic programs; administrative positions in film or media production; and library, archive, or film preservation work.

Masters of Fine Arts in Film

Master of Arts in Film Studies

Master of Arts Administration (M.A.A.)

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