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Faculty and student at a music workstation
B.M. in Music Composition

Music Composition

What You’ll Learn

The undergraduate degree in music composition at Ohio University is a comprehensive program. In addition to offering specialized training in music composition, the degree provides students with the strong, well-rounded education in music required to achieve success as a composer.

  • Students have the opportunity to hear their music read, performed, and recorded by School of Music ensembles as well as guest ensembles that have recently included Trio Fibonacci, Quince Ensemble, Patchwork Duo, Tower Duo, and Transient Canvas. sOUndings concerts (composition department recitals) provide valuable opportunities for young composers to hear their chamber music performed as well as learn the skills to organize their own performances.
  • Students will interact with a diverse array of guest composers every year in live and virtual visits. Recent composers include Shih-Hui Chen, Kurt Stallmann, Jennifer Jolley, Patrick Chan, Evan Williams, Matthew Evan Taylor, Jamie Leigh Sampson, and many more.
  • The electronic music curriculum will give students the skills to be a 21st century composer and realize their ideas for sound in fixed and live interactive compositions using electronics. The School of Music houses the Music Technology Lab and Surround Sound Lab which give students access to the two primary software programs taught, Logic and Max/MSP in addition to a host of plugins from GRM Tools and other developers. The Music Technology Lab is a 12-station space with each station equipped with a 20” iMac, midi keyboard, and software. The Surround Sound Lab features an 8.1 JBL speaker array, Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixer, a 27” iMac, 10 channel Tascam interface, midi keyboard, Røde, Shure, and SE microphones, no-input mixers, and a Moog theremin. We host 2-4 concerts of electronic music per year in our CLICK concert series that often features guest performers and composers allow students to hear the most recent and exciting music in the genre.
  • Students will collaborate across different artistic disciplines with other students in film, dance, and creative writing. In addition, students will have the opportunity to have their compositions recorded by students working in the School of Media Arts Recording Studio.

Career Opportunities

Composition majors can continue on to graduate school if they wish to pursue a teaching career in higher education and academia. However, students will learn about other career opportunities related to commercial music, film music, video game music, music publishing, and being a freelance composer.

Want to Hear Our Music?

You can visit the Ohio University Composition’s Soundcloud to hear compositions by current and recent composition majors.

Applying to the Program

All students who seek admission to Ohio University with a major in Music must audition. The audition is for both admission and talent-based scholarship decisions. Composition majors are also encouraged to submit a portfolio of original compositions or arrangements (pdf, mp3) directly to Dr. Robert McClure via email.



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