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Art + Design Facilities

Giving you the tools to hone your craft.

From classrooms and studios to specialized equipment, and support we provide every resource you need to further your craft, to continue making, exhibiting, and creative scholarship in the arts. Students in the School of Art + Design benefit from a unique balance of individualized and specialized support combined with an interdisciplinary approach to creative research. This means ceramics students have access to screen printing, students interested in sculpture really love working in the darkroom, and our graphic design students may combine printmaking and digital animation tools.

Exhibition Venues for Student Involvement
Total Square Feet of Exhibition Space
Student Facilities Access

Seigfred Hall

Image of Seigfred Hall home to the School of Art + Design
Upper floor entrance to Seigfred Hall, featuring relief facade by Henry Lin, ceramics artist and former dean of the College of Fine Arts. 

Seigfred Hall, the five-story art building finished in 1962, is home to the School of Art + Design at Ohio University. 

  • A 150-seat auditorium, three gallery spaces, a woodshop, letterpress printing facility, and computer labs.  
  • Multi-use classroom spaces are equipped for projected displays, modular seating and work desks, and lectures arrangements.
  • Well-equipped, specialized studios, laboratories, and shops are provided for each studio concentration. 


Seigfred Hall dedicates the entire second floor to the arts of printmaking and photography.

  • Individual studios for each of the major traditional print media.
  • Equipment for photographic applications in all print media
  • State-of-the-art computer facility specifically tailored to the needs of contemporary print artists.


All students have access to a well-equipped studio that includes:

  • $25,000 in raw material inventory
  • Equipment consisting of over 20 potters wheels, 3 clay mixers (2 Soldners, 1 new Bluebird), 2 slab rollers, a ballmill, sandblaster, Slipomatic, glaze spraying booth and a well-stocked ventilated glaze room and clay mixing area
  • A total of 14 kilns: 3 indoor and 11 outdoor.

Photography + Integrated Media

Students a faculty with interest in photography find a vast facility of more than 11,000 square feet.

  • Four large communal B&W darkrooms and many private darkrooms fitted with over 50 enlargers, including 27 new Beseler 23 Cs, for printing large and small format films, and development of a wide range of photo-chemical research and creative activity, including dedicated alternative practices resources.
  • Large lighting studio supporting analog and digital practices,
  • A photo equipment cage with professional cameras, lighting, and darkroom equipment
  • Digital imaging facility with Mac computers and large-scale Epson color printers, and Hasselblad film and Epson flatbed scanners.

Sculpture + Expanded Practice

Bronze Pouring Foundary

The Sculpture + Expanded Practice Area is housed in a 5,900 square foot building with the Sculpture Annex adjacent to Seigfred Hall.

  • Fabrication space with assorted tables, hoists, and cranes; metal working equipment; modern two furnace foundry and support equipment; plaster area; conference room; and a fenced sculpture yard.
  • Two rooms dedicated to semi-private graduate studios and faculty offices.

Interior Architecture 

Student working

The Interior Architecture program facilities are located in Grover Center and Seigfred Hall.

  • Two dedicated studio spaces, faculty offices, resource library, and one additional active learning classroom.
  • The studio spaces provide dedicated workstations for each Interior Architecture major, critique and presentation spaces, program computers, hand tools, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

The CREATE_space

The goal of the CREATE_space is to develop and nourish a center of local, regional and international prominence both in its intellectual, as well as its artistic/aesthetic contributions.

  • Technological resources and expertise exploring the intersection of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitates consultations, workshops, and lectures, providing you with an interdisciplinary space for creative research. 


Seigfred Hall also contains the School of Art + Design's woodshop and tool room.

  • Available for students and an instructional space for sculpture classes.
  • A wide variety of stationary and hand-held power tools for cutting, shaping and bending woods and plastics, an industrial sewing machine, and an extensive collection of specialized hand tools, jigs, and clamps.  

Undergraduate Studio Spaces

All undergraduate degree programs offer semi-private studio spaces. Students are provided with space to meet their program and creative needs depending on their concentration area.

Graduate Studios

The Ridges is the working home and the center of creative activity for the community of graduate art students.

  • 31 studio spaces
  • 5 critique spaces



Ohio University Art Gallery


The Ohio University Art Gallery is located in Seigfred Hall on the Fifth Floor.

  • A 2500 square foot exhibition space.
  • The gallery hosts three to five exhibitions per year of works by nationally and internationally known artists of all disciplines.
  • Every spring semester, the gallery hosts multiple Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibitions current season.

Trisolini Gallery

Trisolini gallery

The Trisolini Gallery is located on the fourth floor of Baker Center.

  • A 775 square foot space that hosts invitational exhibitions of national and international artists, distinguished faculty and alumni
  • Capstone thesis exhibitions from our Graduate and BFA Undergraduate students.

Cube 4 Gallery 

Student work displayed in Cube 4 exhibition space 2017

The Cube 4 Gallery is a student run gallery space located on the fourth floor of Seigfred Hall.

  • Provides undergraduate artists with an experimental space to show their work.
  • Dedicated to allowing artists to explore and expand on their ideas without the conventional boundaries of the classroom.




Ohio University Fine Arts Library

The Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library is located on the 3rd floor of Alden Library.

  • Blended delivery of resources incorporate traditional research methods with cutting-edge digital technology
  • Complements visual arts study, art history, architectural history, theory, criticism, materials, techniques, and practice
  • Holding include books, periodicals, visual media, and electronic databases
  • Particularly strong in the fields of photography and the arts of Asia

The Kennedy Museum of Art


The Kennedy Museum provides a place to celebrate art for our university and the entire Athens community.

  • The permanent collections include an outstanding collection of Native American artifacts
  •  A large number of historic photographs
  •  Over 1700 contemporary prints, as well as rotating exhibits throughout the year.