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PhD Scholar/Artist Track

What You'll Learn

The Scholar/Artist track will accommodate those students who wish to combine scholarly education with artistic work at the Ph.D. level. The culminating component of this track will be an integrated scholarly/creative dissertation, rather than the traditional, solely scholarly, dissertation.

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  • The Scholar/Artist student will pursue a primary scholarly area in accordance with the existing requirements. Instead of a secondary scholarly area, the secondary area for the Scholar/Artist will be Dance/Film/Music/or Theater training, with at least two graduate-level performance/studio courses with the pertinent arts faculty member over a two-year period.

Applying to the Program

The participating units within the College of Fine Arts are the School of Music and the School of Dance, Film and Theater. Applicants to this track must already have a Master's degree. The student should contact the appropriate College of Fine Arts professor (outside of IARTS), indicating interest in applying. The student's portfolio of creative work will be reviewed by this professor. A letter from the professor indicating support for the student's project, as well as the portfolio, should be included in the application (along with the other required materials). Final determination for admission will be made by the School of Interdisciplinary Arts.

Music Scholar/Artist Faculty

If you'd like more information about the PhD Scholar/Artist Program, reach out to Dr. Andrea Frohne or Dr. Garrett Field.

Dr. Andrea Frohne
Director, School of Interdisciplinary Arts
(740) 593-4288

Dr. Garrett Field
Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology/Musicology
(740) 590-5369