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Dance Auditions

Audition Basics

All students who seek admission to Ohio University with a major in Dance must audition. The audition is for both admission and talent-based scholarship decisions.

Acceptance to the Dance major or minor program in choreography and performance is by talent audition. Auditions are scheduled to coordinate with various university application deadlines. Students who audition and are accepted into the dance program must also apply and be accepted by Ohio University.

The audition provides the dancer with an opportunity to demonstrate their talent, level of training, and aptitude for further study in dance. Auditionees are not expected to demonstrate proficiency in all techniques. The audition committee evaluates technical proficiency, physical strength and flexibility, spatial and rhythmic accuracy, and performance quality.

Spring 2021 Audition Information

We are committed to safety in these uncertain times and are offering a fully online audition in the spring. No in person audition will take place at this time.

Spring 2021 fully online audition application deadline:  

Priority consideration is given to applicants who submit all application materials and videos by Jan. 15, 2021. Students are welcome to make application after this date, and will be considered for the dance major or minor on a space-available basis.

The Honors Tutorial Program in Dance Studies offers an individualized course of study for highly self-motivated students. Applications to this program must be submitted by November 15. This application must include the dance audition video process detailed below, as well as supplemental essays. For more information, contact Dr. Tresa Randall, Director of Studies for HTC Dance: randall@ohio.edu

What Do I Submit?

(2) Required Videos:

1. All auditionees are required to learn the specific movement phrase taught and prompted by School of Dance faculty. Record yourself doing the phrase and upload the video.

Click here to view the movement phrase: https://youtu.be/8sOAUOwFaT0

2. Creative Prompt: 

  • Creativity is emphasized in the School of Dance. Auditionees are required to submit an improvisation video that explores the following prompt:
    1. Make up 4 unusual shapes with your body--they can be standing, lying down, or sitting
    2. Decide on a simple pathway to follow
    3. Plot out where each shape will be on the pathway
    4. Make movement that connects one shape to the other along the pathway
    5. Use different speeds in connecting this movement
  • Video should demonstrate use of imagination, being in the moment, and not having prepared material for this creative prompt. 
  • How long should this video be? 1 minute maximum.

Optional, Supporting Video(s):

We recognize and value that students have different dance backgrounds, training experiences, and interests. You may submit additional, optional materials to support your application.

  • How many videos can I submit, and how long should they be? Each auditionee can choose to submit a maximum of 2 additional videos that cannot exceed 1 minute each.
  • What are some examples of what I can submit? Excerpt from a recent performance; a combination or phrase of movement from another genre (ie: African, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, folk dance, or additional forms).

Students will also be asked to submit a one-page (250 words max) statement of interest that includes a brief description of your dance training/background and details the goals for your collegiate dance education.  A resume and headshot are not required.

Submitting Your Audition Video

You'll need your OHIO email address and password to submit your videos. If you haven't already activated your OHIO ID and campus email address, more information can be found on the admitted student web page.

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