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Scholar Artist Track

Scholar Artist Track

Combine scholarship and artistic practice

The culmination of the scholar/artist track is the production of an integrated scholarly/creative dissertation that is partly a written dissertation and partly a body of artistic practice. For the scholar artist track, choose one primary area from:

  • Film Studies / Comparative Literature
  • Ethnomusicology / Musicology
  • Theater / Performance Studies
  • Visual Culture / Literature of the African World
  • Art and Architectural History
  • Philosophy of Art

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Areas of Study

Creative practice is accomplished under an artistic advisor from one of the Schools below. Choose one area of artistic practice from:




Students who are interested in applying to the track must already hold a master’s degree and have a complete portfolio. To apply, please contact the appropriate College of Fine Arts professor indicating interest. The professor will then review your portfolio, and they are responsible for writing a letter of their support for your project. Final decision for admission is made by the School of Interdisciplinary Arts.

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