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The Scholar / Artist Track

Creative and scholarly integration for doctoral students.

A place to combine scholarship and artistic practice.

For students who wish to combine scholarly study with artistic work at the Ph.D. level, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts provides the Scholar/Artist track.

The integration of scholarship and artistic practice is a nascent national, even international, phenomenon, and the Scholar/Artist track will accommodate those students who wish to combine scholarly education with artistic work at the Ph.D. level. The culminating component of this track will be an integrated scholarly/creative dissertation, rather than the traditional, solely scholarly, dissertation.

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"Interdisciplinary studies should ask complex or vexing questions that cannot be answered adequately within the boundaries of the given discipline as it is defined at a particular moment."

- Dr. William Condee


The Scholar/Artist student will pursue a primary scholarly area in accordance with the existing requirements. Instead of a secondary scholarly area, as is currently the case, the secondary area for the Scholar/Artist will be Dance/Film/Music/or Theater training, with at least two graduate-level performance/studio courses with the pertinent arts faculty member over a two-year period. In addition, that faculty member will serve on the student’s dissertation committee.


Students who are interested in applying to the track must already hold a master’s degree and have a complete portfolio. To apply, please contact the appropriate College of Fine Arts professor indicating interest. The professor will then review your portfolio, and they are responsible for writing a letter of their support for your project. Final decision for admission is made by the School of Interdisciplinary Arts.

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