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Live and Create in the Same Space
A place where students in art, dance, music or theater live in an arts-friendly residence hall with spaces dedicated to each discipline.

Residential Learning Community

Resources, community, and space to create and transform.

If you’re a student in art, dance, music or theater, Lincoln Hall is an arts-friendly residence hall with spaces dedicated to each discipline. You’ll be surrounded by fellow students from similar classes who also understand the creative process. The hall provides an art studio with two drafting tables, a study lounge, and a large seminar room fully equipped for dancers, performers, and theater students.

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Studio Space 

Create whenever inspiration strikes. The fourth floor lounge in Lincoln Hall is an art studio and is well ventilated for mixed use, as well as supplied with easels, drafting tables, storage, light stands, and natural lighting.

Multipurpose Rehearsal Space

Dancers and theater students will find that the main floor is equipped with special flooring, mirrors, mats, theater “props,” and a portable dance bar for all rehearsal needs.

An upright piano is also located in the main lobby for your use. Note that it is not located in a soundproof area, so scheduling should be coordinated with others using the rehearsal space.

Residential Experience Requirements 

Only College of Fine Arts students who are enrolled in at least one hour of a fine arts course are eligible to apply to live in the residential learning community. There are no additional costs for living in the Fine Arts RLC beyond your regular tuition and fees.

How To Sign Up

Students must apply to both the Learning Community and Housing to reside in the Lincoln Hall residential learning community.

To apply for the Fine Arts Learning Community, students should visit the Learning Community webpage and scroll down to the ‘Sign Up’ portion of the main page.

Go to Learning Community

To sign up for Housing, please visit and click ‘Applications and Contracts’. From there, please select the appropriate semester/year housing contract.

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