Ohio University

Conducting Program

Masters of Music Degree program

What you'll learn

The Ohio University graduate program in conducting is designed to prepare, promote, guide, and encourage students to aspire to the highest artistic and intellectual standards. In addition to studying with a major teacher, conducting students receive the opportunity to work directly with the major performing ensembles in their respective area.

Each student will accrue conducting time in public performances. The total of these appearances will serve as the degree recital. All performances, both on and off campus, will be arranged in conjunction with the major professor and must be approved by the conducting faculty. These experiences are the foundation for developing highly qualified, professional conductors of bands, choirs, orchestras and wind ensembles.

Applying to the program

All prospective students must meet all requirements for admission to the School of Music as described in the Ohio University School of Music Graduate Handbook. Qualified candidates should submit a face-to-the-camera DVD, or high-quality videocassette (VHS format) demonstrating 10 - 20 minutes of their conducting ability. Pending approval by the conducting faculty, prospective students will be invited to campus for an audition/interview.

All auditioning students will:

  • Rehearse and conduct a university ensemble
  • Perform a representative work on their major instrument that demonstrates technical ability and musical competence
  • Demonstrate sight-singing and aural skills
  • Demonstrate keyboard facility

Conducting faculty

Dr. Andrew Trachsel - Wind Conducting, trachsel@ohio.edu
Dr. Bradley Naylor - Choral Conducting, naylorb@ohio.edu
Professor Steven Huang - Orchestral Conducting, huangs@ohio.edu

If you'd like more information about the conducting program, reach out to:

Dr. Andrew Trachsel
Chair, Conducting & Ensembles
Program Director, Conducting Minor & Certificate