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Theater Audition and Interview Registration

Because the School of Theater considers artistic talent in the review process, students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) major must audition, interview, and/or submit additional materials for admission and scholarship consideration. BFA applicants who do not audition, interview, and/or submit additional materials but who are admissible to the University will be admitted to the BA in theater. Applicants pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in theater major are not required to audition, interview, or submit additional materials, though they are strongly encouraged to interview for scholarship consideration.

Performance BFA Major Auditions

Acting | Musical Theater

Students applying to a theater performance BFA major must audition for consideration for the program. Applicants who do not complete this step but who are admissible to the University will be admitted to the BA in Theater.

Audition Process


All Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) majors require that students participate in a live (virtual or in-person) audition for admission and talent-based scholarship consideration. To register for a live audition, select from the audition dates listed below. 


In addition to participating a live audition, students may choose to submit an optional video audition prior to their live audition. Please note that a video audition does not replace a live audition. Video auditions should follow the audition requirements outlined below. | Submit a video audition.

Audition Dates & Registration


All on-campus audition events will be in-person, pending federal, state, and local health guidance.

  • Experience the Arts Day, November 1, 2021 | Register now
  • School of Theater Audition Day*, Saturday, January 15, 2022 | Register now

*To register for the School of Theater Audition Day, you must first apply to OHIO and then use your OHIO ID to log in and access the registration page. Visit our Application Status web page for instructions to activate your OHIO ID. For questions, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ohio.edu or call 740.593.4100.


To participate in an off-campus audition, you must:

  1. Register with the individual event per their website listed below (if applicable)
  2. Register with OHIO (see below)

Registering with the event (if applicable) ensures that you will be able to participate. Registering with OHIO lets us know that we should expect to see you there!

To prepare for a virtual audition event, check out some recommended tips from our partners at the Musical Theatre Common Prescreen (MTCP) from Paper Mill Playhouse.

Audition requirements: Acting


Prepare two contrasting, contemporary monologues lasting no more than three minutes in total.

  • Monologues must be from a published play written during the 20th Century-present.
  • Monologues cannot be from musicals, television shows, movies, stand-alone monologue collections, or one person shows.
  • They should contrast in style, revealing two sides of the student’s abilities and be characters that are close to the student in age.
  • Each monologue should be 60-90 seconds in length.
Wild Card

You may choose to prepare an optional “Wild Card” piece, no more than 60 seconds in length. This piece can be ANYTHING you want: a special skill, an interesting story about yourself, a passion speech, an instrument that you play, etc. To select content for your wild card video, you should consider what you want the School of Theater to know about you or what makes you unique.

Audition requirements: Musical Theater


Prepare two contrasting pieces.

  • One song should be a ballad and one song should be up-tempo so as to contrast style.
  • Each song should be 60-90 seconds. Please do not exceed this time limit.
  • Students must sing to musical accompaniment, which could include live or pre-recorded accompaniment. No “a cappella” singing (meaning singing without music).
  • One song should be written before 1970. This song can be either the “uptempo” or the “ballad” (student’s choice). 
  • One song should be written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first.

Prepare one piece.

  • One 60-90 second contemporary monologue (written during the 20th Century-present) from a published play.
  • Monologues cannot be from musicals, television shows, or movies.
  • One 60-90 second contemporary monologue (written during the 20th Century-present) 

You may prepare an optional dance piece.

  • Regardless of which style of dance you execute, the choreography and the movement should be story-driven and connected to the music where the applicant is dancing with a sense of purpose.
  • 30-60 seconds of dance in whatever dance discipline you feel most confident. This may include, but is not limited to jazz, ballet, tap, modern, cultural dance styles, hip hop, lyrical, or contemporary.
  • No barre work. A ballet solo is acceptable.
  • Please use steps, movement, and physical vocabulary that you are familiar with and can execute well.
  • Dance media can be self-choreographed, but must be a solo video of you. This can include a show, competition, or other performance so long as you are clearly featured on your own.
  • All choreography must be performed to music; no “a cappella” dance media please.
Wild Card

You may choose to prepare a “Wild Card," lasting no more than 60 seconds. This can be ANYTHING you want: a special skill, an interesting story about yourself, a passion speech, an instrument that you play, etc. To select content for your wild card video, you should consider what you want the School of Theater to know about your or what makes you unique.

Non-Performance BFA Major Interview/Supplementary Materials

Playwriting | Production Design & Technology | Stage Management

All Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) majors require an interview with faculty for admission to the program. Some majors also require supplementary application materials. See below for more specific requirements.

Interview registration and materials submission coming soon!

Production Design and Technology

  1. Interview
  2. Portfolio: Submit a portfolio of work. In addition to light plots, costume renderings, set designs, painters elevations, photographs, or slides of any theatrical work you have done, your portfolio can include: sketches, drawings, paintings, doodling, poetry, short stories, or collages. In short, include anything that you have created that represents your aesthetic and/or your creative impulses.


  1. Interview
  2. Writing sample: Submit a writing sample of at least 10 pages in length (up to 30 pages in total maximum). Though dramatic writing samples are typically preferred, writing samples can be any creative writing or academic/scholarly writing that you believe best represents your voice as an artist.

Stage Management




Creative resume: Submit a creative resume, which should list all appropriate high school and, if applicable, community experience. You may bring a production book if you have one, but it is not required. You may also bring a portfolio of other production work you have done; anything that represents your experience with stage production is appropriate.

BA Major Interview

Students applying for the theater BA major are encouraged to participate in an interview for scholarship consideration. An interview is not require for admission to the BA program.

Interview registration coming soon!


For questions regarding performance auditions, please email the School of Theater auditions coordinator.

For questions regarding non-performance materials and talent-based scholarships, please email the School of Theater.