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Theater Audition and Interview Registration

Theater Degree Paths

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Theater conducts auditions, interviews, and portfolio reviews for students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater at Ohio University. Programs are available in Production Design and Technology, Playwriting, Stage Management, and Performance: Acting, or Performance: Musical Theater. To be admitted directly to one of these programs, students are required to participate in an audition, interview, or portfolio review. Applicants who do not complete this step but who are admissible to the University will be admitted to the BA in Theater.

Bachelor of Arts

In addition, because the School of Theater considers artistic talent for scholarship purposes, students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater are encouraged to audition, submit a portfolio, submit a writing sample, and/or interview for talent-based scholarship consideration.

Supplementary Materials Submission

All Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) majors require supplementary application materials. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) are encouraged to submit supplementary application materials for talent-based scholarship consideration.

Materials submission information coming soon!

Audition Registration

All Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) majors require students to either audition (performance majors) or submit a portfolio and participate in an interview (non-performance majors) for admission consideration. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) major are encouraged to audition or interview for talent-based scholarship consideration.

Virtual Audition/Interview Opportunities

Information coming soon!


For questions regarding auditions and pre-screen materials, please e-mail the School of Theater auditions coordinator.

For questions regarding interviews and talent-based scholarships, please e-mail the School of Theater.