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School of Dance Undergraduate Admissions

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Whether you’re just starting your search into a Dance education or you’re already working on your application to Ohio University, you can find all the resources you’ll need below. If you’re ready to apply, visit the University’s online application.

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Admissions Requirements

If you’re planning to become a dance major, minor or honors student, an audition is required for admission once you apply and meet general university requirements.

Auditions consist of participating in a studio class to determine level of skill in modern, ballet, jazz, or African dance, as well as an improvisation. Talent is a determining factor in admission, but our prediction of your success at OHIO and in the dance major is also highly considered.

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Experience the Arts Day presents another opportunity for prospective students to learn about our program and audition. For a full list of details and to register, visit us online at, www.ohio.edu/etaday.

Transfer Requirements

If you are a transfer student, an audition is required for admission into the program. Additionally, dance courses taken at other universities must either be pre-qualified by Ohio’s Transfer Assurance Guide, or be evaluated by the Dance Chair. If you are unable to attend any of the audition dates listed, please call our office at 740-593-1826 to discuss other arrangements.

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Probationary Status

All students in the first year of the program are on probationary status. Faculty members closely monitor your development and growth to assess your potential to perform in future major level courses. Monitoring progress and achievement occur daily in technique classes in order to effectively support your growth. At the end of fall term, first-year students meet individually with faculty to receive personalized feedback and evaluations.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We offer several options for students seeking talent-based scholarships, as well as many opportunities for first-years, and other scholarships for specific disciplines.

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Need Help?

Need some help navigating your program requirements or applying for a scholarship? Let us know. We’re here to help.

For scholarship or requirement questions, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office.
020 Chubb Hall Athens, Ohio 45701, through email at financial.aid@ohio.edu, or by phone at 
(740) 593-4141.

For general admissions inquiries: admissions@ohio.edu or call (740) 593-4100