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Empowerment through art and the pursuit of originality.

Undergraduate Dance Program

Our degree options will help you create a foundation necessary to build a career in dance and advanced graduate studies. 

The B.F.A. program will focus on choreography and performance where you’ll foster your technique, creative abilities and weave in other skills with the study of dance history, ethnology, kinesiology, and music for dance. 

Our B.A. program will give you a broad study of dance within a liberal arts degree framework. You’ll develop the dance skills necessary to perform while possessing an intellectual grasp of the art and its principles.

Fostering the development of students as future artists & preparing graduates for advanced study in dance.

School of Dance Strives To:

  • Present original choreography by students, visiting artists and faculty, to re-stage choreography by visiting artists and faculty, and to reconstruct historical works.

  • Recognize and develop the unique balance of abilities present in each individual while providing students and faculty with an optimal learning and work environment that includes adequate resources to sustain excellence and further achievements.

  • Develop kinesthetic competency and performance presence while supporting and encouraging body-based knowledge and experiential learning.

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