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Minors in Music

Minors in Music

Music Minor

What You'll Learn

The Music Minor is offered to students who wish to continue studying music while pursuing a different major. While no audition is required to add the Minor in Music, the student is to receive permission from the Associate Director of the School of Music and final approval from the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Office. Please confirm course offerings with the Associate Director.

Jazz Studies Minor

What You'll Learn

The Minor in Jazz Studies is intended for undergraduates who wish to emphasize the study of jazz in addition to their major area of focus. The minor in Jazz Studies includes courses in arranging, improvisation, history theory, ensemble experiences, and electives.

Connect with Us

Explore more information about the Jazz Studies Minor here [PDF], and if you'd like more information reach out to Professor Matthew James.

Dr. Matthew James
Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies, School of Music
(740) 593-4244


Conducting Minor

What You'll Learn

Preparing students to be effective conductors, this program benefits those students seeking to teach music in public schools, perform, or study conducting at the graduate level by providing in-depth skill development in manual technique, rehearsal skills, score study, repertoire and programming knowledge, ear training, and error detection.  When paired with a music degree, the minor offers a distinctive credential for the student's next professional goal, whether it be employment in the field or graduate level studies in music.

Connect with us

Explore more information about the Conducting Minor here [PDF], and if you'd like more information reach out to Professor Bradley Naylor.

Dr. Bradley Naylor
Assistant Professor of Conducting, School of Music