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The School of Art + Design offers three-year M.F.A. degree programs in the visual arts, and a two-year M.A. Art History degree. Concentration specific degree areas include Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting + Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography + Integrated Media, and Sculpture + Expanded Practice. 

Program Areas

Art History M.A.
This program focuses on individual growth in visual intelligence, analytical rigor, and scholarly creativity to prepare you for advanced academic study and practical work in the field. You’ll develop interpretive research skills, and learn to express ideas effectively and professionally in written and oral context. 

Ceramics M.F.A.
The Ceramics program emphasizes the realization of individual goals. We encourage the exploration of ideas and materials to foster an atmosphere of diversity. We are committed to developing individuals who challenge contemporary standards while producing work of exceptional craftsmanship. It is our intent to prepare artists for competition in the complex, professional ceramic art world. 

Graphic Design M.F.A.
Understanding the role of graphic design within a pluralistic society and a cross-cultural context are essential components of a graduate design education. The power of design thinking identifies challenges, frames opportunities, manages complex situations, generates approaches, creates deeper understanding, and shapes meaningful experiences.

Painting + Drawing M.F.A.
The Painting + Drawing Area is committed to cutting-edge professional art training within the context of a liberal arts university. Painters are responsible for some of the most provocative and enduring expressions of contemporary visual culture. The painting program is based upon the belief that painting is a language that simultaneously upholds tradition and constantly seeks experimentation to expand and redefine its boundaries. In an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging, students are asked to question their intentions, investigate and expand their ideas of painting, and to develop a coherent body of work that is the beginning of a dialog with the world.

Photography + Integrated Media M.F.A.
The strength of the Photography + Integrated Media program lies in its leadership in innovative teaching, in it’s latest technology, and providing modern and spacious facilities. The curriculum encourages experimentation with a wide variety of processes and platforms ranging from black and white photography, to digital imaging and video, to interdisciplinary practice. Through strong technical and conceptual training, the program stresses the development of the photographer as an artist and the use of lens-based technologies as vital tools of creative expression, preparing students for rewarding careers in the field.

Printmaking M.F.A.
Devoted to developing diverse and exceptional artist printmakers, the printmaking department's mission is to create an environment promoting critical dialogues that investigate contemporary art issues as well as the process of creating art. Undergraduate students become proficient in traditional and alternative print practices. The graduate program develops students who are competitive in educational and professional printmaking fields.

Sculpture + Expanded Practice M.F.A.
Sculpture + Expanded Practice Area has a deep commitment to exploring a broad variety of materials, equipment, techniques, and forms free of imposed ideology.  Students are encouraged to chart their individual path as skilled makers and shapers of objects within public, private and digital spaces, from traditional sculpture approaches to sound, performance art, and cyber explorations.

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