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Scholarships and Aid

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Your initial admissions application serves as your application for most University scholarships. In addition to University scholarships, the School of Theater has a number of Fine Arts Talent Awards that may be given to incoming students based on talent. We invite high school seniors to visit Ohio University's School of Theater for Scholarship Day. You will have a chance to meet many members of our faculty, tour our theaters and shops, and audition or interview for scholarship awards. We look forward to meeting you!

Important Scholarship Dates for High School Seniors

Athens Campus: Monday, October 8, 2018, January 19, 2019, and February 9, 2019

Ohio Unified Audition, Dublin, OH, Date TBD

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Can't make these dates? That's okay. Contact us at theater@ohio.edu and we'll arrange a day for you to visit campus, get a tour, sit in on classes, meet faculty and students, and have an audition/interview.

*Note: In order to be eligible for every OHIO Scholarship and Award, students must submit a FAFSA.

Upperclassmen- Every spring (look for fliers in March) upperclassman have an opportunity to apply for additional scholarship money. In Spring Semester students submit essays pertaining to the request for additional scholarships

Graduate Funding Opportunities

Graduate financial aid is divided into two areas, tuition waivers and graduate stipends.

Tuition waivers are available. Each program head determines need and priority. If a student is awarded tuition waiver only, some university fees will apply.

Graduate stipends are determined within each M.F.A. program based on merit, assuming the student holds an undergraduate degree and a 3.0 GPA. Stipends may be awarded in amounts of full or half stipend. Stipends are continued each semester based on merit.

Graduate Assistantships

Many (but not all) of our graduate students are awarded some kind of financial aid package. The type of package dictates how many work hours are required per week.


Below are the types of aid packages by semester:

Full Stipend $5,618 and Full Tuition Waiver $4,094 15-20 hours/week

Half Stipend $2,809 and Full Tuition Waiver $4,094 8-10 hours/week

Half Stipend $2,809 and Half Tuition Waiver $2,047 8 hours/week

Full Tuition Waiver ONLY = $900 stipend, $3,194 tuition waived 6 hours/week

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Tuition Information

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