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You are a freshman applicant if you have or will soon receive a high school diploma or General Education Development diploma.
Learn about application deadlines and guidelines for freshmen.

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You are a transfer applicant if you have completed more than 9 semester hours (12 quarter hours) at another institution after you graduated from high school.
Learn about application deadlines and guidelines for transfer students.

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You can apply directly to OHIO’s Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, and Zanesville campuses, as well as the Proctorville and Pickerington centers.

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You are an international applicant if you have or will have a temporary visa and do not have U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status (a “green card”).
Learn about application deadlines and guidelines for international students.

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You are an online applicant if you plan to work toward an associate's or bachelor's degree taking only OHIO Online classes.
Learn about application deadlines and guidelines for online students.

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You are a nondegree applicant if you plan to take a limited number of courses at OHIO and are not interested in earning a degree at this time. If you later wish to enter a degree program, you will need to reapply for admission.

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College Credit Plus


Ohio University’s College Credit Plus (CC+) program can help secondary students earn college credit and satisfy high school graduation requirements at the same time by taking college-level courses.

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Three-Year Pathways


If you have completed 30 semester hours or more of college-level work prior to enrolling at OHIO, you may consider earning a baccalaureate degree in three years through the three-year degree pathways.

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You are a re-enrolling applicant if you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student at OHIO and decided to take a fall or spring semester off (or longer) before returning. Taking the summer off does not make you a re-enrolling student.

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Summer Options


Ohio University offers a number of summer enrollment options, whether you are a high school student, attending a special camp or workshop, getting an early start on fall enrollment, or attending courses during the summer at OHIO when you are enrolled at another university.

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Important Dates

  • FAFSA Opens October 1

    October 1, 2021

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will open October 1, 2021, for students enrolling fall 2022 and beyond.

  • Freshman Early Action Deadline

    November 15, 2021

    Early action gives fall 2022 applicants priority consideration for direct entry to academic programs, merit scholarship programs, and honors experiences.

  • OHIO Online Spring Application Open

    November 15, 2021

    The application priority date for spring 2022 is November 15.

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