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Current Exhibitions

Lloyd Moore

Lloyd Moore,  Living Room - Lawrence Sisler, 1976, color print, 1984   

Visual Literacy Gallery - Ongoing

November 25 - May 1
The objects in this gallery have been specifically selected by Curator of Education Sally Delgado and Educational Programs Coordinator Lisa Quinn to stimulate conversations on visual literacy and how we create meaning, both individually and collectively, from visual images. ... Read More

Picture the World: Burhan Doğançay as Photographer

January 10 - March 22
A prolific artist who spent most of his artistic career in New York, Burhan Doğançay (1929-2013) rose to fame through his abstract “ribbon “paintings and works devoted to urban walls. For him, walls were record-keepers of people, time, and place. While many knew of his paintings, few realized the enormous photographic archive that Doğançay created for himself and the ways in which his photographs informed his vision of the world and humans’ place within the urban environment. ... Read More
Sally Fowler, Bob Klein and Henry Fowler

Sally Fowler, Bob Klein and Henry Fowler

Pattern and Disruption: Diné Lifeways and Embedded Mathematics

February 1 - February 1
Drawing from the Edwin L. and Ruth E. Kennedy Southwest Native American Collection, this exhibition explores Diné (Navajo) weaving design from the perspective of their traditions and beliefs, and how fundamental mathematical ideas are also embedded in the designs. Among the Diné weaving is regarded as a spiritual act, rooted in the earth, and an expression of their place in the world. Mathematics are integral not only to the designs, but also to Diné cosmology. Many designs include inconsistencies and imperfections, sometimes purposefully, acknowledging the contradictions in life, but also affirming the will to achieve harmony. ... Read More