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Graduate Certificate in Conducting

Graduate Certificate in Conducting (Band, Choral, Orchestral)

The Graduate Conducting Certificate Program prepares students to be effective conductors. The program benefits those students seeking to teach music in public schools, perform, or study conducting at the graduate level by providing in-depth skill development in manual technique, rehearsal skills, score study, repertoire and programming knowledge, ear training, and error detection. This will provide an additional skill that can increase the marketability in the field for a student in a non-conducting graduate degree program. When paired with a graduate music degree, the certificate offers a distinctive credential for the student's next professional goal, whether if be employment in the field or doctoral-level studies in music.

Admission requires an undergraduate degree in music, enrollment in the graduate music program, and an application interview with the certificate director.

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Conducting Faculty

Dr. Bradley Naylor
Director of Choral Activities

Dr. William Talley
Director of Bands

Dr. José Rocha
Orchestral Conducting

If you'd like more information about the conducting program, reach out to:

Dr. William Talley

Chair, Conducting & Ensembles