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The Great Comet is performed on the Ohio University stage.
Top-Ranked Programs and Successful Alumni

College of Fine Arts Fast Facts

Preparing students for lifelong careers as makers, creators and leaders is what we do in the College of Fine Arts. We applaud our alumni who become the artists and performers they dreamed about being. We thank our faculty who lead award-winning programs. And we welcome the next class of students, full of ideas and driven by passion to succeed. 

You'll find our Fine Arts grads making, creating and leading across the spectrum of careers — including consulting businesses, community centers, hospitals, religious organizations, park systems, mayors' offices, neuroscience labs, technology firms, senior centers, veterans facilities … and the list goes on. 


What Our Alumni Say

  • 70% of alumni report that they are employed in the field for which they studied.
  • 92% of alumni report that their OHIO College of Fine Arts education prepared them for success in the 21st century.
  • Nearly 100% placement out of college for music education, music therapy, and interior architecture.
  • A substantial number of fine arts graduates now work in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ways. This means recent grads are now injecting their finely honed creativity, research, and applied knowledge in a variety of fields.

College of Fine Arts Facilities

From individual studio space to esteemed performance venues, the college offers the facilities students need to thrive.



    The top-ranked ceramics program provides students access to 3 indoor and 11 outdoor kilns and 20-plus potter's wheels, plus $25,000 in raw material inventory, a glaze spraying booth and glaze room. 



    Seigfred Hall dedicates the entire second floor to the arts of printmaking and photography, where you'll find everything from old-school hand rollers to the latest computer facilities. 


    Sculpture + Expanded Practice

    The Sculpture + Expanded Practice Area is housed in a 5,900-square-foot building with everything from hoists and cranes to metal-working equipment and a modern two-furnace foundry.


    Interior Architecture

    Interior architecture students can take advantage of dedicated workstations for each major, as well as critique and presentation spaces, program computers, hand tools, and more.


    Performance Stages

    Our students are always on stage — from a 265-seat proscenium theater to a 275-seat venue that can transform from a thrust stage to an arena to a black box theater.  


    Kennedy Museum of Art

    The Kennedy Museum of Art enhances the intellectual and cultural life of Ohio University and the region through quality national and international exhibitions and collection-based research.