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Graduate Admissions - Woodwinds Division

Admission Requirements and Process

Woodwind Instruments

Audition Materials for the Masters in Performance on a woodwind instrument:

The audition for the Masters in Performance on a woodwind instrument is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Please prepare contrasting lyrical and technical material, including at least one contemporary work, and one work standard to the repertoire.

In addition, prepare at least two contrasting orchestra and/or band excerpts. Sight reading will be included in the audition.

Saxophonists who also play jazz are encouraged to perform using play along audio.

Performance on auxiliary instruments is encouraged but not required. These auxiliary instruments include:

  • Bassoonists: Contrabassoon
  • Clarinetists: Bass clarinet, Eb clarinet
  • Flutists: Piccolo
  • Oboists: English horn
  • Saxophonists: Soprano, tenor, or baritone saxophone

Oboe Studio

Oboe students participate in weekly, small-group reedmaking lessons. Oboe students meet in a weekly studio class and perform in front of their classmates several times per semester. Each oboe student has the opportunity to play and perform on English horn.


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For additional information regarding audition requirements, please contact the major professor on your instrument or the woodwind division coordinator:

Rebecca Rischin
Professor of Clarinet
Woodwind Division Chair