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Master of Arts in Art History

Art History - Master of Arts

Master of Arts degree program

Visual intelligence, analytical rigor, and scholarly creativity

This program focuses on individual growth in visual intelligence, analytical rigor, and scholarly creativity to prepare you for advanced academic study and practical work in the field. You’ll develop interpretive research skills, and learn to express ideas effectively and professionally in a written and oral context. View program requirements.

Opportunities in Art History


Study Abroad

There are several opportunities to study art in context through international study abroad programs, museum internships, and student symposia.

Graduate Student Art History Symposium

Dr. Marilyn Bradshaw works with graduate students to compose a call for papers and to select a keynote presentation.



After completing the master’s program, students are prepared to enter programs in doctoral studies or to seek career paths in fields related to art history. Many former students are currently directors of galleries and museums and professors and deans of Fine Arts schools.

Earning your master’s degree

This two-year program includes a sequence of art history courses and seminars at the advanced level, directed electives, and proof of reading competency. Upon entry to the art history program, a student will be assigned an advisor in the area. By the end of the third week of the second year, a thesis proposal will be submitted to the student’s thesis committee, leading to the completion of a 40 credit-hour degree.

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Art History faculty

Get to know our faculty in the M.A. in Art History program. If you’d like more information on the M.A. in Art History program, reach out to Professor Jennie Klein.


Jennie Klein
Area Chair, Professor of Art History
434 Seigfred
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