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Digital Art + Technology

Digital Art + Technology

Concentration within the B.F.A. Studio Art program

What you’ll learn

Following the shared first-year Foundations Program experience, DAT students learn techniques, technologies, and tools to create digital fine artwork in a contemporary context. Students participate in critique and critical analysis of digital artwork with the goal of generating a personal, individualized approach to making digital artworks and physical fabrications.

Third and fourth-year students utilize advanced technology and practices of creative coding digital fabrication for artists such as laser and CNC etching, engraving, and cutting; 3D printing and constructing, high-end computer processing of visual coding and programming. Example projects may include digital sequencing, digital rendering, multi-dimensional constructing, and live event experience, just to name a few.

These amazing creations will be presented in the students’ senior year in a public thesis exhibition as the capstone event in achieving the degree.

Career opportunities

Prepares students for professional work as a studio artist, for graduate degree programs in Digital Art, Art on Computers, Creative Coding, Multimedia Design, interactive user experience fields such as museums, galleries, live events, and virtual venues, and more.


Students can start out as B.A. or B.F.A. Studio Art majors, or start out in the B.A. Studio Art major and then apply to enter the B.F.A. degree at a later date. There are no requirements beyond University admission requirements to become a Studio Art major.


Applying to the Digital Art + Technology concentration

You are required to submit an application and portfolio.

Current OHIO Students: 


Connect With Us

Faculty in the Digital Art + Technology area are working artists who exhibit actively and serve as visiting artists and lecturers at colleges and galleries across the country. Ohio University is committed to the creation of a diverse community of artist scholars. If you’d like more information about our program, please reach out to John Sabraw.

John Sabraw
Area Chair, Professor of Painting + Drawing