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B.A. in Art History

Art History

Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History

Art History is the study of works of art, design, and architecture, all located in different historical eras and geographical regions. Students learn to analyze, interpret, articulate and write on the visual arts.

Program Overview

The Art History Program at Ohio University makes an important contribution to the School of Art + Design, providing classes in training students to analyze, interpret, articulate and write about visual objects, in various historical environments. Through detailed attention students learn to make connections between visual objects and relevant places of making and consumption. The overall goal is to communicate and write about art critically and in an informed manner.

The Art History Program in the School of Art + Design stands out from other programs because it is located in the same space as Studio and Design practice. Working alongside peers in Studio and Design, students in Art History are gaining an additional dimension in understanding, especially in the matters of artistic conception and design practice.

Graduates of the Program are prepared for professional moves in the art arena (museums and art spaces), education, cultural and social arena (non-profits and cultural organizations), legal profession, business and entrepreneurship.


Honors Tutorial program in Art History

The Honors Tutorial program in Art History balances a commitment to breadth and rigor with an opportunity for self-disciplined and highly motivated students to explore fundamental and cutting-edge issues creatively.

Visit the Honors Tutorial College to learn how to apply. 

Art History faculty

Our faculty are esteemed researchers, presenters, published award winners, and former museum experts with varied backgrounds based on research conducted around the world. If you’d like more information on the Art History program, reach out to Professor Charles Buchanan

Charles S. Buchanan
Associate Professor
(740) 593-9413