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MFA Students in Typeshop
Masters of Fine Art in Graphic Design

Masters of Fine Art in Graphic Design

'Learning How to Learn' is the underlying methodology that gives Ohio University's graduate study in graphic design its unique strength. We focus on design research within a multi-cultural world addressing social awareness and contextual messaging as content. We emphasize and assist our candidates’ research in professional forums through papers and lectures, and publishing in established professional journals. 

We rebuild fundamental skills of perception, interpretation, and invention as well as understanding the nature and meaning of visual form in context. Our graduating designers aim to secure positions within top design firms and educational institutions nationally and internationally. They design within a broad spectrum of applications from solving complex problems to planning and executing solutions. 

Program Information

  • Apply

    MFA Applications are accepted by February 1st, 2022. Click on link to follow the steps on how to apply to the MFA Graphic Design program.

  • Curriculum

    The MFA Graphic Design Curriculum covers an extensive amount of knowledge, working with different disciplines such as outside studios, art history, and elective courses.

    MFA Curriculum
  • Facilities

    Our graduate students have the opportunity to work in multiple studio disciplines in the College of Fine Arts, including but not limited to the Graphic Design labs, Don E. Adleta Typeshop, and the printmaking facilities.

    Graphic Design Facilities

Understanding the role of graphic design within a pluralistic society and a cross-cultural context are essential components of a graduate design education. The power of design thinking identifies challeng- es, frames opportunities, manages complex situations, generates approaches, creates deeper under- standing, and shapes meaningful experiences.

Athens and Ohio University provide a peaceful and comfortable environment that serves as an incubator for thinking and making. The Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Ohio University is a three-year program that allows a balance of rigorous professional work as well as social experiences. For those seeking a place as a refuge for graduate research in design, it is optimal.

The division coordinator of Graphic Design is Mark Franz. Prospective graduate students or others seeking additional information about the program can contact Professor Franz.

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Assistant Professor, Area Chair of Graphic Design