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An Exhibition featuring 50+ years of works by Ohio University Graphic Design alumni for clients around the globe.

Open through March 11
Trisolini Gallery, 405 Baker University Center
Tuesday: 12PM–4PM • Thursday: 3PM–7PM • Saturday: 12PM–4PM 

The exhibition showcases typography, complex communication systems, and the diversity of graphic design in contemporary culture. REACH introduces visitors to OHIO Graphic Design alumni and explores their creative research in the practice.

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Existence: Text + Image
2021 Alternatives Biennial

Open through February 27
Ohio University Art Gallery, 536 Seigfred Hall
Tuesday: 12PM–4PM • Thursday: 3PM–7PM • Saturday: 12PM–4PM

Existence – Text + Image, is a presentation of Alternatives, a biennial juried exhibition organized by Ohio University’s MFA Photography + Integrated Media program in the School of Art. Since its beginning in 1980, Alternatives has achieved national recognition for its leadership in forging new definitions in the medium by emphasizing the work of photographers in the conceptual forefront of the practice.

The artists included in this exhibition are: Michael Borowski, Ian Campbell, Jesse Egnar, Atefeh Farajolahzadeh, Zachary Francois, Felicity Gunn, Paige Fuentes, Jenica Heintzelman, Evan Hume, Nicola Baldazzi & Veronica Lanconelli, Philip LaVelle, Emily Levack, Mikayla Millard, Alissa Ohashi, Molly Phalan, Andre Ramos-Woodard, Ronojoy Sinha, Nathan Storey Freeman, Julia Wilson, and Kelly Xintaris.

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536 Seigfred Hall​, Athens, Ohio

Tuesday: 12PM - 4 PM​, ​Thursday: 3PM - 7PM, Saturday: 12PM 4PM


405 Baker University Center​, ​Athens, Ohio

Tuesday: 12PM - 4 PM​, ​Thursday: 3PM - 7PM, Saturday: 12PM 4PM

Cube 4 Gallery

4th Floor, Seigfred Hall​, Athens, Ohio